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Resources to provide:

The company shall determine and provide the resources needed to Facilities and maintain a quality management system and continuous improvement of its effectiveness.
Improve customer satisfaction by meeting customer requirements.

Human Resources:

Activities for the implementation of the relevant provisions of the Quality Management System staff, the company should be assigned the appropriate corresponding to personnel and to ensure that its education, training, skills and experience capable.

Ability, training, qualifications and cognitive:

Business unit responsible for staff education and training affairs planning and implementation and to address:

Identification of the implementation of the personnel necessary to affect the product quality of work capacity and demand. Provide training or take other measures to meet the product or customer needs. Assess the effectiveness of measures taken. Confirm the relevance and importance of its personnel are aware of their activities, and how they should be committed to quality goals to reach. The training process according to the education and training approach to the implementation of, and maintain the record of relevant education, training, technology, and experience.


The company should identify, provide and maintain the facilities required to meet the requirements necessary to achieve product execution issues, including:
Workplace and facility maintenance.
Process equipment (including hardware and software), the appropriate maintenance.
Maintenance and maintenance support services.

Work environment:

The company should identify and manage the work environment factors needed to make the product meet the requirements.
The company plans for the unit area of responsibility by the management on behalf of the designated officer of the scoring members of the working environment.
The designated officer turns regular weekly time to time to implement the score at the end of the month Meeting, units missing and a total score of management representatives of each department to review and improve various meetings of the month following collection. To meet the demand of the working environment and then to reach the product to meet the